The Incarcerated Nation Campaign (INC) is a grassroots movement that brings together currently and formerly incarcerated persons, family members and friends of the incarcerated, and advocates for the purposes of education, reform, and service.

Our MISSION is to combat the inhumane and counterproductive treatment of people during and after their time in prison, and promote more conscious and effective ways to address the incarceration and re-entry of our citizens.

Our GOALS are to educate the public on prison conditions, improve conditions for the incarcerated and their families, and create a support base of re-entry for those returning back to our communities.

Our initial PROJECTS are based in New York, and focus on people enduring the torture of solitary confinement and re-entering the free world after months or years of isolation.

To receive INC’s online newsletter and learn how you can join the campaign, please fill in the form below. Printed newsletters are also available free of charge to all incarcerated individuals.

For more information about the Incarcerated Nation Campaign, please contact Five Mualimm-ak at: or 212- 722-5243.

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